Bluehost’s excellent customer support combined with their strong security features mean that you may rest assured that your website is in good hands. Taking advantage of the demo account helps you build confidence in navigating the control panel.

The good

Superior customer support

At Bluehost, you get 24/7 support on numerous channels, including social media sites (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), email, phone support, and live chat support (avg. hold 30 seconds). These options ensure that any questions you might have can be answered in a way that’s convenient for you, and you will have your problems fixed in a timely manner. This is important particularly if your site happens to shut down mysteriously, or some other serious problem develops.

Strong security features

It’s easy to keep your website’s information safe using the numerous Bluehost’s tools that include password protection in the administrative area of your site. A fast and easy way of transferring and uploading files to your site is with the secure FTP, and daily server backups help to minimize accidental data loss. Bluehost also offers you dedicated and shared SSL certificates, which are used to encrypt information on your website, and if you are planning to sell products online, this is especially important. With all these features, you can relax knowing your data is safe.

Free applications for your site

If you are planning to sell products/services online, you are going to love the shopping cart applications and free ecommerce that Bluehost’s web hosting plans offer. These apps are perfect to get you started selling your items.

Demo account to test the control panel

Test the cPanel control panel to help you get a better understanding of how the administrative controls are set up. You will understand how it all works. It even lets you play around with the layout, which is as easy as dragging various categories into the arrangement that you prefer. One of the most important parts of your web hosting plan is the control panel, because it’s from here that you manage your entire website. It’s a nice bonus that Bluehost lets you test the cPanel in advance.

Web design tools that are user-friendly

Unless you are planning to hire a web designer to create your website for you, you should be considering the web design tools that are available when you are selecting a web hosting package. Bluehost provides its customers with a free drag & drop site builder that comes with templates you can customize providing you with a fast and effective way to create a professional looking site. Bluehost also provides tools that will help you design your mobile-friendly site. Considering how many people are turning to mobile devices these days, this is a huge bonus.

Unlimited hosting

Whether you want to host a single, small website, or your goal is to host several larger websites, Bluehost offers you great choices. It offers unlimited disk storage and domain hosting. You can have as many parked domains or add-ons as you want in addition to unlimited subdomains. There are no known issues with Bluehost handling numerous resources at one time, so you can relax knowing your site performance won’t be a problem.

The bad

No uptime guarantee

Bluehost does not provide an uptime guarantee to their customers, which is rather disappointing since most web host providers do. With no guarantee, if your site goes down because of a malfunction on their part, you will not be compensated. This can be a huge impact if you sell products online, because when you have unexpected server downtime, it can negatively affect your sales. While some may not be too concerned about this, it would still be nice to see Bluehost guarantee their uptime since it would give their web hosting customers a lot of peace of mind.

No catchall email

Bluehost has some great email capabilities, but where they are lacking is that they don’t have a catchall email. Without a catchall email, you don’t receive emails addressed to your domain that don’t exist in the mail server. While not everyone feels this is a necessary feature, for those that do there are many other web hosting services that provide it.

The details

Costs and fees

  • Domain name fee: $14.99/year
  • Domain migration fee: $14.99/year
  • Setup fee: none
  • Shared hosting monthly fee: $3.95 – $14.95
  • Shared hosting annual fee: $47.40 – $179.40


  • Email storage: 500MB: unlimited
  • Number of email addresses: unlimited

Web hosting

  • Disk space: unlimited
  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Number of domains: unlimited
  • Money back guarantee: anytime



  • Monthly fee: $3.95
  • Annual fee: $47.40


  • Monthly fee: $6.95
  • Annual fee: $83.40

Business Pro

  • Monthly fee: $14.95
  • Annual fee: $179.40