Download torrents anonymously by hiding your IP & making your identity anonymous on the web without any data caps & bandwidth limitations with a VPN.
Counting the number of torrent fans and the subscribers on the most famous torrenting and file sharing sites, one can take an idea of how crazy people are for their latest movies and songs. But the thing is, the more something is popular, the more it is criticized. Same goes for torrenting and P2P file sharing. Torrenting had been facing the most critics and legalities since times. The P2P file sharing has been cursed badly and is thought-out to be the prime element responsible for the copyright infringement.

Well, this is the reason, many countries have banned most of the popular torrenting and P2P file sharing sites. The countries have imposed many anti-piracy laws and policies to get rid of the copyright violation but it seems almost impossible to make this matter of contention seriously disappear. The governments have enforced these laws on ISP level.

This means that your ISP can send DMCA notifications to the IP addresses that are found suspicious of violating the copyright laws. You can be charged with the heavy amount of money as fines or even be sent to jail if they caught you red-handedly involved in downloading the pirated material from the file sharing sites.
Hassle-Free Torrenting

Despite the ban on torrenting and P2P file sharing sites, people have alternated their way towards a hassle-free torrenting. Best VPN for torrents is yet the top choice of internet users who find it really useful for anonymous torrenting. You might be aware that torrenting makes your IP address totally visible to all other users who have downloaded that torrent. Now, any cyber criminal, surveillance agencies or hacker who happens to see that swarm of IP addresses can trace you back using it.

Using a VPN, your original IP address is masked by a false one. This fake IP address belongs to the VPN provider which connects you to a server which is torrent-friendly. Make sure, you always connect to a server which is situated in a torrent-friendly country. If you ever joined a server in a country full of bans on torrenting then you may end up in jail.

Moreover, there are many other issues by which a VPN can save you from. It can be bandwidth limitations or data caps laid by your ISP preventing you from downloading unlimited torrents. This can obviously be very frustrating when you desire to download a larger movie and your bandwidth limitations do not allow you to do so. VPNs make your identity anonymous by disguising your IP address plus it ensures you unlimited bandwidth preventing you from the unwelcome restrictions and data caps by your internet service provider.
Risks Related To P2P Filesharing

There are many risks that you may face while torrenting. Your internet service provider plays a very important role in this regard. ISP monitoring, logging, and throttling are the most common issues which can pose serious threats to you. Everything you do online, whatever you download from which website and all such information about your online browsing history are logged at your ISP end. He can monitor you anytime, throttle your bandwidth and slows down your internet connection.

There are millions of users on the file sharing sites and same is the number of torrents which are available to download from there. You can find a torrent of every possible subject matter over these sites. But there are many torrents which are viral or attached with virus and malware. When you click to download that particular torrent, it will download a virus instead. And this can be really dangerous for your system.
P2P Filesharing Sites

Torrenting is not possible without the use of BitTorrent communication protocol. This protocol is used to distribute the data on the sites. It simply splits up larger files into smaller parts and brings all in one to the downloader. There have been a number of files sharing sites that are full of legal or pirated stuff on the web. Many of them are banned in countries like the US, UK and others.

Still, the most prominent filesharing sites have managed to survive by shifting their domain names again and again. These file sharing sites include Kickass Torrent (KAT), The Pirate Bay, and Extra Torrent etc. You can download torrents anonymously through these websites by just making your existence over the internet anonymous and secure through a VPN or any other preventive tool.


The sections under make clear in detail the actions to download torrents anonymously. We suggest you use each an anonymizing torrent VPN support (stage one) and an IP deal with protection tool (step two) when downloading and sharing torrents.

Nonetheless, when you make the informed selection not to use a single or both of them, you’ll be able to skip the relevant phase(s) and nonetheless take pleasure in torrents. But please understand that you can be compromising your privacy and can not be anonymous (your IP handle may very well be quickly detected and monitored by snoops). Which may be fine for lots of people presented they comprehend the trade-offs they are creating.

The screenshots beneath were taken on the Windows desktop making use of the torrent app µTorrent. When you use a different computer or device, working technique, torrent app or VPN (or proxy), your screens may possibly seem distinct, possibly substantially different, but the very same general ideas will apply pretty much universally.

Step 1: Get started your Anonymous Torrent VPN (or Proxy)

The simplest way to hide your IP handle is usually to use a specialized torrent anonymizing services. Generally speaking, this means both a torrent-friendly VPN or a BitTorrent proxy. The remainder of this step will target on torrent VPNs as they are additional versatile and give far better worth for cash.

With a torrent VPN enabled,

1. your ISP will only see encrypted (scrambled) site visitors. Your ISP will nonetheless be capable of see how much data you are downloading, but not what it really is or maybe that it truly is torrent traffic (though it may not be that challenging for them to guess should you be downloading higher volumes of information).
2. outdoors snoops is not going to be capable of eavesdrop on or keep track of your torrent activities as they is going to be unable to attribute the torrent activities to your genuine IP handle. Each time you connect towards the torrent VPN your p2p torrent file-sharing visitors will probably be tunneled by a unique IP deal with and seem to be coming from a distinct place. Pick a torrent VPN that enables you to select the country through which the intermediary connection is manufactured. We like selecting non-US and non-EU nations when connecting to a proxy server for torrent file-sharing (by way of example, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey and Russia are good choices dependent on where you reside).
Getting Started

Applying a VPN to download torrents anonymously may sound intimidating, but a lot of these companies are now user friendly. After paying for an account with all the services provider and acquiring a welcome electronic mail, it really is commonly as easy as downloading and installing a little app for the laptop or gadget and after that entering the username and password you had been presented with inside the welcome e mail.

Tip – You could even shell out anonymously to get a torrent VPN by using Bitcoin or redeeming present cards rather than reveal any personal information and facts even towards the VPN supplier. Go through far more about anonymous payment techniques normally.


How to Download Torrents Anonymously (2016 edition)
Figure: Advanced VPN connection settings including a kill switch and DNS leak protection (select to enlarge)

Whichever anonymizing torrent VPN you choose to use, Connect it prior to deciding to start out downloading or sharing any torrents.
Optionally, take into consideration enabling any sophisticated settings supported by your torrent VPN provider. Some innovative settings are pictured right here.

These state-of-the-art protections can include things like characteristics such as being a Kill Switch, DNS Leak Safety, IPv6 Leak Safety as well as variety or strength of encryption to utilize from AES-256, AES-128, Blowfish or even None (for any time you want the fastest download speeds probable). If you’re not technically-inclined, really do not fret, just stick to our encouraged torrent VPN’s default settings and you will be fine.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously (2016 edition)
Figure: Advanced VPN encryption settings (select to enlarge)

Each time you should disconnect in the VPN, this can be conveniently carried out commonly by picking out Disconnect.

Once linked, get note of your masked IP handle when you will will need it for stage three. By masked IP handle we indicate the IP tackle assigned for you by the torrent VPN supplier for this session. It really should be simple to suit your needs to find out. Any fantastic torrent VPN will show the IP deal with assigned for you at any provided time both suitable in the VPN app itself or by hovering your mouse in excess of the VPN’s icon as part of your procedure tray.
If your VPN supplier does not display your masked IP deal with, contemplate modifying VPN providers. Significantly. You’ll be able to also visit a ‘What’s My IP’ web page like these located on dozens of web-sites.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously (2016 edition)
Figure: You will need to note down your masked IP address for step #3

PLEASE NOTE however that these pages display your IP tackle for internet searching (the HTTP protocol). Your internet browser might transmit a masked IP tackle but when your VPN or proxy doesn’t entirely support torrent file-sharing (the P2P protocol) your torrent app will transmit your true IP address, exposing you! That’s why you must be sure about what IP handle you transmit even though torrenting. You can find particular exams for this which we cover in detail later on in Stage 3.
Step 2: Get started your IP Deal with Safety Tool (such as PeerBlock)

Although it will not be necessary that you simply use an IP deal with safety tool to download torrents anonymously, these equipment assist reduce “unfriendly” IP addresses from connecting along with your laptop or computer or gadget. An IP protection instrument is surely an more layer of armor in safeguarding your privacy, whether or not or not you utilize an anonymizing torrent VPN (as mentioned in Phase one). For Windows we suggest PeerBlock (cost-free).

These equipment act similar to firewall software program, but go one step additional as they filter the IP addresses striving to connect to you towards specialized blacklists compiled by passionate torrent fanatics.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously (2016 edition)
Figure: PeerBlock is protecting you from over 1 billion (with a ‘b’) potentially unfriendly IP addresses

The blacklists PeerBlock allows you to pick from consist of these defending you from IP addresses linked with snoops, spammers, spyware, educational institutions, governments and, needless to say, anti-torrent factors (termed P2P during the lists). The 1st time you run PeerBlock you might be taken as a result of a setup wizard. In addition to the P2P list, choose any other lists of interest for you such as Spyware, Education or Marketing.

The P2P lists are primarily useful as they block the IP addresses of some organizations believed to get monitoring torrent downloads. Moreover, you are able to simply include even more custom blacklists (several are no cost and a few are premium) from resources this kind of as I-Blocklist.

Phase 3: Verify what IP Tackle your Torrent App is Transmitting

Now you can begin your torrent app. But before you decide to start enthusiastically downloading and sharing torrents, you ought to initial test what IP handle your torrent app is transmitting (this is often vital as you will take into account that it is possible for the world wide web browser to transmit a masked IP tackle but to your torrent app to leak your real IP deal with when your VPN or proxy doesn’t absolutely assistance the torrent file-sharing p2p protocol).

Tip – Make your existence simple and reduce this danger by obtaining the most beneficial VPN for torrenting offered. Often trusted, rapid, affordable and anyway having a money-back guarantee so what are you waiting for, test them out.

The simplest way to examine what IP deal with your torrent app is transmitting is usually to undergo a check out specially produced for torrents. We propose 3 websites where you may undergo this kind of a test. As the directions are rather detailed (and also to retain this informative article a affordable length) we current them in detail along with screenshots in Is My VPN Functioning?

By building certain that your torrent VPN (or proxy) is functioning and masking your genuine IP handle you could be assured that snoops will not have the capacity to detect your correct IP address though monitoring torrent pursuits.

Whichever of our encouraged torrent VPN tests you carried out (or perhaps you carried out all of them), after you confirm your torrent anonymizing service is working and transmitting a masked IP address rather than your true a single, you’ll be able to confidently go about downloading and sharing torrents (you can also now safely un-pause any torrents that had been previously loaded).
Step 4: Be sure to Keep Anonymous When Going to Torrent Indexes along with other Internet Internet sites linked to Torrents

We know that you are keen to start out locating torrents and download them, but there is certainly an generally overlooked tip that we need to inform you about. Like a additional precaution, you ought to be certain that you take a look at any web sites connected for your torrent pursuits even though hiding your true IP deal with. This involves internet websites this kind of as torrent indexing websites, torrent-related forums, film subtitle archives, and so on.

Many individuals fail to consider this and only focus on hiding their IP tackle when truly downloading torrents. But there may be tiny sense taking the precautions outlined right here to download torrents anonymously only to inadvertently reveal your true IP deal with even though conducting routines linked for your torrent downloading. This is in particular correct when you are undertaking these related activities at a distinctive time. For example, perhaps last evening you downloaded a torrent along with your VPN enabled, but these days you looked for its subtitle file without using your VPN.

Avoiding Traffic Analysis

With this particular in mind, it is best to also safeguard your torrent-related internet browsing both by utilizing the same VPN you use for torrents or using Tor (The Onion Router) which lets you browse the net anonymously for free (note that it doesn’t assistance torrent file-sharing).

Let’s make the point with a further instance. You hunt for a certain torrent about the net (maybe making use of a major internet search engine) with no anonymizing your net browsing. These web searches are now “stamped” with your correct IP handle for just about any snoops to acquire and use. Perhaps the snoops are monitoring and logging the IP deal with details to eavesdrop on you in real-time or maybe they can be collecting this information and facts to work with it later, perhaps even much later on, in time.

Whether or not thirty seconds or two days immediately after you performed people web searches, another person having a distinctive IP deal with and who seemingly lives half-way throughout the globe begins downloading one or much more of those torrents. Not surprisingly, that particular person is you but now that you are downloading the torrents along with your VPN enabled and making use of an entirely different IP tackle. Based on how common people torrents are, snoops can cross reference these two separate routines – the net searches along with the torrent downloads – and even now pinpoint or deduce that you are the same man or woman.

It’s really very simple: X searched for Y, then Z commenced downloading Y, consequently X should be Z.

Even for popular torrents that happen to be staying searched for and downloaded by 1000’s of people, really don’t imagine that you simply can hide in the crowd and prevent these cross-referencing techniques (termed traffic evaluation). In these far more difficult cases, the conclusion to the formula above only gets: thus X is more very likely to get Z. But with ample cross references, this will be determined pretty accurately plus the probability that X needs to be Z can turn out to be practically a certainty.

Hopefully we now have convinced you that it is also significant to stay anonymous when engaging in any internet browsing linked for your torrent downloading routines. You do not choose to make it any less difficult for that snoops by taking actions to download torrents anonymously only to then give by yourself away when carrying out relevant internet searching unprotected.

In reality, you must internet browse anonymously as much as attainable to help protect against other privacy troubles this kind of as on the internet tracking and profiling and to assistance stay clear of identity theft and doxing.

Last Step: Begin to Download Torrents Anonymously!

Of the many steps, this is often the simplest and most fun. Certainly, the difference now becoming that your torrent VPN will probably be encrypting your connection and masking your true IP address along with your IP address protection tool is going to be shielding you from unfriendly elements.

To have the most out of your torrenting expertise, see our Tips on How you can Uncover and Look for Torrents and read our other posts on Torrent File-sharing.

Tip – While you have gone to some trouble to safeguard oneself from on the web snoops, it is best to also strive to maintain your torrents and downloads risk-free from your prying eyes of offline snoops. Not to sound alarmist, nonetheless it may be counterproductive to consider precautions to download torrents anonymously although leaving obvious traces of them on your laptop or computer or units. To most effective defend your self one) hide your downloaded torrents and payloads with sturdy encryption to maintain them safe from snoops and 2) clean traces of any torrent actions from your computer system and products.

Pleased (secure) torrenting!